Get fresh, custom smoked meat and meat processing from the experienced crew at The BBQ Smokehouse.

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The BBQ Smokehouse Ribs Wadena, MN
The BBQ Smokehouse Wadena, MN
Catering, the BBQ Smokehouse Wadena, MN
The BBQ Smokehouse, Wadena, MN

Enjoy Authentic BBQ

Visit The BBQ Smokehouse with friends and family today. Try our tasty sandwiches and sides. You're sure to enjoy our authentic bbq and our incredible smoked meats.

Get catering for your events

Get catering ideas from the experts for your next special event. Choose from a variety of  options or work with us to create a custom menu for your guests.  We can smoke just about anything!

Pick up fresh meat today

You can enjoy our fresh meat in the comfort of your home. At The BBQ Smokehouse, we have a full-service meat counter where you can get fresh beef, pork, chicken, and much more!